Again, a web designer might be interested in
Google's Web Authoring Statistics for best practices.

There are far too many articles about the GWT, but here is Dion Hinchcliffe's analysis of GWT's service abstraction.


always good to remember some best practices in web development.

Ralf Laemmel and Erik Meijer take a head-on jump into xml object mismatch. More (or less) data binding.

I still haven't gotten to look microformats and wonder if I need to.

This Scala XML documentation needs some updating.


different takes on data binding

Some time ago, Kathleen Dollard showed how to generate classes from an XML Schema using XSLT. I dislike both schema and XSLT, but I would understand why someone would need to use both technologies and have respect for everybody that plunges in that hell. However all those technologies together might serve to describe the problem rather than the solution

Pull parsing examples, also a while ago, is often demonstrated as a fast way to do data binding. We can find Chris Fry's writeup on XML pull parsing. It seems
Pull parsing will be available in JDK6

This pull parsing stuff ultimately looks better than all other APIs, because all the other ones can be implemented on top of this one.