first baby steps with luatex

ok, I compiled the luatex beta and was puzzled on how to run this.

Then I found Luigi Scarso's answer:

what about
$texmfstart texexec --luatex luatest1.tex

What is texmfstart? No idea, but "wer sucht, der findet"

$ locate texmfstart

I do remember having played with context ones, but I do not remember whether I installed context there. Anyway, the .rb extension is for ruby, so

ruby /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/scripts/context/ruby/texmfstart.rb texexec --luatex sheet06.tex

did what I wanted... mostly. It produces a .pdf but it looks very basic, the page numbers are on the top of the page, and so on. Well a good starting point nevertheless.

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