Java wildcards need taming

In this year's PLDI, there is a session where every paper starts with the gerund "Taming ... "
Seems like some computer science topics are inherently wild. And what else could these papers talk about than ... Java wildcards :)

Ok, ok, it's only two papers after all. Still, the shrewishness is real, because since Java wildcards were imposed upon programmers, we find ourselves running into weird situations where people need silly casts, or declare two variables of different types for the same value "to make the compiler happy".

Well, if you feel like turning it around and make the compiler unhappy for once, try feeding it this :)

// source:
// Ross Tate, Alan Leung, Sorin Lerner.
// Taming Wildcards in Java’s Type System. in PLDI 11

import java.util.List;
class C<P extends List<? super C<D>>> implements List<P> {}
class D implements List<C<? extends List<? super C<D>>>> {}